Cleaning Spray 0.5l

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The cleaner in a spray bottle with the scent of Eucalyptus Cedar is a 100% organic, antibacterial spray intended for cleaning, maintenance and protection of various surfaces. After the product has run out, you can simply create a new product by diluting our cleaning concentrate with water. The dilution ratio defines its further use. More detailed information can be found in the description below and also in ours

Suitable for cleaning and microbial protection of:

  • all kitchen and bathroom surfaces (tiles, stone, plastic, wood, stainless steel and other metals, marble, glass, etc.)
  • various types of floor
  • various types of furniture
  • clothing and other textile
  • fruit and vegetables (they last longer if properly washed and stored)
  • dishes and other kitchen utensils
  • toys, bottles and dummies
  • cosmetic tools (combs, scissors, brushes, parts of electric appliances suitable for water contact, etc.)
Ingredients (INCI)