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MALINNA° is a true family umbrella brand offering products of an original formula. Since 2010, Jaroslav Stráňavský, the creator of the formulas, has been researching the interactions and processing of raw plant oils and natural salts, production of plant extracts and processing of essential oils. His research aims to establish the influence of the resulting blends on pathogenic microorganisms, health and longevity of cells, their interactions with immune system and the ability of a human body to regenerate. In the product testing, he teams up with microbiologists, pharmacists and physicians. His work is based on the principles of quantum physics and the knowledge of microbiology, neuropathy, phytotherapy and Eastern medicine. In 2020, as a tribute to his research accomplishments, Jaroslav Stráňavský became a member of the Czech medical association – the section of microbiology.

The role of the marketing team led by his daughter, Dominika Doniga, is to grasp this knowledge and mediate it to the wider public. Dominika established the brand in 2016 in Innsbruck, Austria, where she also launched the first manually packed MALINNA° products to the market. The brand name comprises the company’s philosophy – minimalism and innovation. The root of the word includes a geolocation “INN” referring to the river, by which the brand came to life.


The essence

The product ingredients contain solely the highest quality raw organic oils, natural salts, essential oils and herbal infusions – their flowers, fruits, seeds, roots or the whole plants. Following the processing using no additional synthetic chemicals, the final compounds become soluble in water and fully absorbable. The natural origin of the constituents enables the organism to work with each of them effectively. It can utilise them directly and simultaneously use them to create other essential nutrients inevitable for its correct development, functioning and regeneration. The inhibiting properties of some constituents of all our products weaken the pathogens in the body and thus impede their replication. The attenuated pathogens become a library for the immune system developing resistance to them.

Care does not end with the sale for us. We pay our clients individual attention. They are encouraged to consult with us or seek our advice especially if they use our products as supportive care in the treatment of their health conditions.


Our production

In September 2020, our own zero-waste production hall, located in the heart of the beautiful countryside of the South Bohemian Region, in Branice near Milevsko, passed the final inspection. So far, the only employees in production are the members of our family. Alongside the MALINNA° cosmetics and food supplements, we also produce absolutely pure organic antibacterial completely biodegradable detergents and plant boosters.


Our suppliers

We search for biologically controlled smallholdings to support local farmers. At local Czech farms we pick Cannabis, Maral root and Chinese Haw, which we infuse. The farms also cold press caraway, cannabis, poppy seed and milk thistle oils for us.     We import locally unavailable oils and plants from the EU and beyond – pumpkin oil from Austria; olive oil from Spain; Neem and Karanja oils from India; essential oils from Croatia and India; and cloves and cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

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Development and Production

Jaroslav Stráňavský


Eva Stráňavská

Founder, Brand management

Dominika Doniga

Marketing, Management

Tea Kerla

PR, Marketing

Nina Ford

PR, Marketing

Patrícia Kvasňovská

Wholesale sales representative, Production management

Jakub Beňo

Store Manager

Pavla Solivarská