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Long-term deep hydration of the skin


Healthy skin without eczema

Healthy skin

The MALINNA° product system perceives skin as the mirror of our general state of health. MALINNA° products contribute to the improvement of its quality not only by the preparations designated for external use. The uniqueness of our cosmetic line dwells in our products for internal use. Those represent the basis of our approach: The beauty of skin comes from within.

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Healthy cell

All MALINNA° products are powerful and stable organic antioxidants. They are no isolated elements. They come in bonds, which are known to our body, and therefore it can utilize them effectively. Our products protect the cells from oxidative stress and degeneration processes affecting the quality of the cellular DNA. They activate the receptors, which are able to recognize damaged cells and support their elimination and substitution with the healthy ones.

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Minimalism and multifunctioning

Each MALINNA° product offers a variety of usage and covers a wide spectrum of cosmetic functions. Thanks to this you can replace loads of often-needless products with only one product and thus aerate your bathroom. MALINNA° products help to establish simple routines which contribute to sustainable vitality and beauty of your organism.

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MALINNA° products contain solely organic cold-pressed oils, essential oils, our own extracts from plants and fruits and natural salts. We choose our suppliers thoroughly and keep an eye on the production processes as much as we can, or require quality certificates. It all starts with high quality raw materials but the true uniqueness of MALINNA° products lies in the subsequent processing, which is the subject of our production know-how.

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“Our products contain top-class ingredients, no synthetic chemicals, and yet, focusing on each and every ingredient is not what really matters here. It is the processing that makes them unique! During the processing the individual ingredients combine and change, which makes them highly compatible with the human body.“