Skin Serum Rose

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Package : 100ML / 3,38 FL.0Z.

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Intensive nourishing and cleansing serum designed for deep nourishment and cleansing of both normal and problematic skin. Can be used as Cleansing Foam refill.






This serum is bottomless! Have been using it daily since the first purchase and the bottle hardly shows it!
Skin Serum has saved my skin. It used to be extremely problematic. I tried many other cosmetic products but Malinna products work immediately and the effect shows quickly. Only after 20 days my skin got harmonized, the redness disappeared and so did all inflammatory nidi. I observe change in my skin condition, its harmonization, every single day.
Face Cream Rose is my personal best when it comes to face creams. Of course I use Skin Serum first and it’s unbelievable what my complexion looks like when I apply the cream afterwards. Hydrated, fresh, soft and does not get oily at all. Amazing experience!