Immortelle Anti-Aging Cream

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A unique concentrated cream full of active ingredients to regenerate, restore and brighten the skin. Each of the cream’s bio⁺ ingredients is deliberately selected for comprehensive care of your skin’s health, and thanks to the revolutionary processing procedure, the cream has high absorption and effectiveness. The individual components have an anti-inflammatory effect and contain the most concentrated and effective organic antioxidants.
Oxidation-reduction potential: (-40 mV) – (-120 mV).

Immortelle Anti-Aging Cream is most recommended for normal, sensitive and oily skin prone to acne. It is suitable for eczema and other skin diseases.

The new airless packaging ensures freshness, high efficiency and great properties of the cream for the entire period of use. The new packaging with a pump also prevents the possibility of contamination of the cream with bacteria, thanks to which it lasts a long time and maintains its pleasant consistency. After using up the cream, you can buy a new refill at a discounted price.
The replacement refill will be available for purchase from April 1st.







I observe immense improvement of my skin only after a short time of usage. Immortelle hydrates my skin. The imperfections are gone and my skin just thrives. The combination with Skin Serum Rose and Skin Toner works fantastically.