Clean, Safe, and Sustainable Household: Cleaning Concentrate.

Malinna° has introduced a uniquely formulated multi-surface cleaner —a cleaning concentrate made using the same principles as its cosmetic products. It is only made using organic oils, essential oils, and natural salt. 

One bottle of Cleaning Concentrate is designed with minimalism in mind and can replace most household cleaning products.

Cleaning Concentrate effectively removes:

  • Fat and grease
  • Organic stains (blood, food residues on a range of solid surfaces and substances)
  • Oxidation stains on different materials (oxidized metal, furniture lacquer, car, etc.)
  • Limescale (partially, an abrasive rag or sponge should be used)
  • Protein contamination (microbes, mites, bacteria, viruses)
  • A truly ecological and safe cleaner
  • 100% biodegradable

Cleaning Concentrate is completely biodegradable in the air, sun, and soil. All raw materials are 100% natural and not just clean but completely harmless even when ingested. Thanks to the unique processing of oils developed by Malinna which makes them water-soluble the cleaner contains only botanical oils and sea salt, essential oils, and nothing more.

Safe for contact with skin

When using Cleaning Concentrate, you do not need to use gloves or worry about inhaling the product if you use it in spray form (if this happens, it is more of a benefit than a risk, see Disinfection Done Differently). Despite the higher alkaline pH, your skin remains supple and protected by the concentrate’s microfilm.

Safe for Children and Pets

And that is just the beginning. Cleaning Concentrate is not only non-toxic, but it also helps create a safe environment free of dangerous viruses and bacteria for children and pets without the need for using toxic chemicals, which can be damaging to one’s health.

Safe for contact with food

Cleaning Concentrate is the ideal solution for removing pesticides, bacteria, and fungal spores on fruits and vegetables, or other foods. If a small amount of cleaner is consumed, it does not pose any risk to you as it is 100% clean and edible.

Safe for outdoor use

Cleaning concentrate is great for outdoor use. For example, if you need to wash your equipment or sports gear outside. The cleaner is not only biodegradable but acts as a fertiliser for the soil. You can test it on your house plants (water them with water containing a drop of concentrate instead of fertiliser). If you have an organic septic tank, you can rest assured—you will not endanger its bacterial flora with Cleaning Concentrate.

Disinfection Done Differently

In our field, we often encounter the opinion that microbes are something dangerous that need to be eliminated and the most powerful disinfection is best. If our goal is to create a sterile environment and believe that sterile = safe, this can lead us to the opposite and create resistant strains of bacteria. The more varied the types of microbes around us, the healthier our environment is. Different strains that are either harmless or beneficial to our health occupy space and do not allow the overgrowth of other strains which could be harmful to us.

What does normal disinfection do?

In addition to the temporary removal of pathogens, it destroys the variety of beneficial microbes in your environment. Weak strains can completely disappear, creating a space for strong strains of harmful microbes. These are resistant to disinfection and can contain dangerous pathogens. For this reason, disinfectants must be rotated and changed in hospitals often. We created our Cleaning Concentrate based on this principle. It removes dangerous pathogens without destroying the natural microbiome meaning you create a healthy environment that stays protected for longer periods of time. This was tested in two independent Czech labs and also confirmed during our collaboration with microbiologist Lenka Reizigova.

How does Malinna° Cleaning Concentrate work?

Some of the microbes are removed in direct contact with the product, thanks to the higher alkaline pH of the product and the reaction with the protein shell of the bacteria (the concentration must be kept at a ratio of up to 1:7). Microbes that remain after cleaning cannot continue to multiply, the chemicals in some of the oils present have inhibitory properties. When weakened bacteria enters our body, the immune system becomes familiar with it, but it does not multiply, and it does not pose a risk to the body. What about viruses? It works up to a concentration of 1:100 to eliminate enveloped viruses (such as HIV, influenza, coronavirus, hepatitis, etc.) in the space by damaging the protein on the viral envelope. In general, viruses in free space are much more sensitive to external influences than bacteria.

The preparation MALINNA° Cleaning Concentrate intended for disinfection of surfaces was tested according to ČSN EN 13727+A2 on test organisms Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterococcus hirae. MALINNA° Cleaning Concentrate demonstrated bactericidal effectiveness according to the ČSN EN 13727+A2 standard under conditions of higher pollution (bovine albumin 3.0 g/l + sheep erythrocytes) in a contact time of 5 minutes at a concentration of 100% and 1:1.

Cleaning Concentrate is a concentrate intended to be diluted. The dilution ratio and type of the bottle chosen determines its use. We recommend having a spray bottle in addition to the original bottle.

It is a great idea to reuse empty bottles from other Malinna ° products:

Body Serum with dispenser: Dilute the concentrate in a 1: 1 – 1: 2 ratio using distilled water for highly soiled surfaces or washing dishes.

Skin Toner: Dilute the Cleaning concentrate 1: 2-1: 5 with distilled water to get a useful spray for disinfecting objects or surfaces while travelling or when there is no water and disinfection available (toilet seat, fruit—spray and wipe with a paper towel, changing table at petrol stations, cutlery – same process as for fruits).

Cleansing Foam: Follow the instructions on the bottle. Pour Cleaning Concentrate instead of the Skin Serum into the container and dilute with distilled water. You can use the foam for cleaning your hands, dishes, or other surfaces.