Maternity Set: Specially designed to help the body regenerate postpartum.

Read the story of MALINNA° founder, Dominika and how she used Malinna products in her postpartum journey.

The day after giving birth, I woke up after six hours of sleep and ran to the neonatal ward for my daughter Sofia. She was taken to the nursery during the night. The pain medication I had received, in particular the 2 epidurals, could result in numbness. I immediately took my daughter to my room. I was relieved that she had slept through the night. After arriving in the room, I felt extremely thirsty. The nurse brought me a glass of tea and I intuitively poured Elixir Bitter into it. It was funny because I didn’t use the pipette at all. I poured about 3 tablespoons straight into the glass and immediately drank it almost in one gulp. I have never felt such relief from a drink in my life. I consumed higher doses (3-5 times a day) throughout my 5-day hospital stay. After returning home, I resumed the normal dosage.

On the second day in the maternity ward, I experienced pain from the episiotomy. It was impossible to sit down. In the shower, I washed the cut with Skin Serum Lavender with its strong anti-inflammatory properties. I was quite surprised that despite the freshness of the wound, applying Skin Serum did not sting at all. On the contrary, it gave me great relief. After drying off, I applied Skin Toner to the cut, lay in bed, and applied an ice pack provided by the hospital. I repeated this process several times throughout the day. The next day, both the attending doctors and I were surprised by how quickly the incision had healed and that I could sit up without any problems. I continued this treatment throughout my hospital stay, and then at home without the ice until the incision stopped hurting completely.

3 days after giving birth, I felt that despite the new demands on my body, I was full of energy and able to fully concentrate on my daughter and my recovery. For new mothers, the new energy should be devoted mainly to regeneration and further rest.

Based on my experience along with the recommendations of mothers who have used the products, we selected the following products for the MALINNA° Maternity Set.


No matter how labor went, the body is going through a lot of difficult changes in the days following labor, not to mention the birth itself. If medication (hormones, antibiotics, painkillers) were used, it can help the body eliminate any residual amounts of the medication. After medical interventions (C-section, incision, or natural tearing of tissues), the affected area immediately becomes inflamed. Bitter helps speed up healing and eliminate pathogens that can prevent healing. After reducing the dose of Bitter, we recommend combining it with Elixir Vanilla as a nutritional supplement and to support breastmilk production. You can increase the dose of Bitter once again in the case of mastitis or reduced immunity.

Skin Serum Lavender

Use for treatment and regeneration of external genitalia, incision, etc. Wash the wound in the shower with cold water, then use Skin Serum as a shower gel, and rinse. If you had a caesarean section, you could also wash the wound while showering using Skin Serum Lavender.

Skin Toner

Apply to the genitals, incision wounds, or c-section scar several times daily. Lightly apply to the wound and allow to dry before covering.

Lavender Sensitive Cream

Ideal for postpartum skincare for its delicate fragrance with relaxing and soothing essence. After the scars have healed, we recommend regularly gently massaging with the cream so that they fade faster, and the damaged tissues do not harden. Especially after labor, it is important to not use strong fragrances (especially synthetic ones). For babies, the sense of smell is one of the most important ways they bond with their mother. Lavender Sensitive Cream is also suitable for this reason.